Open letter to the U.S. Congress

Open letter to the U.S. Congress

Salute to Dear U.S. Congressmen!

Southern Mongolian Congress is very grateful to the U.S. Congress for passing Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act and Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act of 2019. We support the wise decision of the U.S. Congress. This is a huge blow to the fascist colonial regime of China and we will work together to safeguard world peace and defeat China’s hegemonic expansionism.

Southern Mongolian Congress was established in Tokyo in 2016, the NGO composed of multiple political parties and alliances dedicated to defending the freedom and rights of Southern Mongolians.

The Southern Mongolians from the Mongols in China, are one of the largest ethnic minorities under Chinese colonial rule.

Since ancient times, the Mongolians had never belonged to the Chinese nation. On December 29th, 1911, Mongolia was established with the joint efforts of patriotic people from Southern Mongolia and Outer Mongolia. In 1912, the Hans overthrew the Qing Dynasty co-founded by Manchuria and Mongolia, and invaded Southern Mongolian territory by force. After World War II, the Southern Mongolians intended to reunite with Mongolia, but failed. In 1949, Southern Mongolia merged into China by deception, and then mobilized Southern Mongolians to participate in the war. China used cruel oppression against Southern Mongolians in the name of retreating grazing land, anti-rightist movements, eliminating feudal superstitions, and cracking down on separatism.

During the Cultural Revolution of 1966, the Communist Party of China launched “the digging out the so-called “Inner Mongolian People’s Party” and implemented a series of policies aimed at cultural genocide. According to public data from the Chinese authorities, 27,900 Mongolians died during the Cultural Revolution, but some scholars believed that about 500,000 Mongolians were arrested and about 100,000 died. Therefore, Southern Mongolian Congress had launched the “Cultural Revolution Massacre Application Program” and were preparing to submit relevant materials to UNESCO.

In the early 1980s, the Chinese government introduced a policy of arranging a large number of Hans migrated to Southern Mongolia, which triggered a large-scale student protest in Southern Mongolia in 1981. The Chinese government finally cancelled the policy and imposed brutal political oppression on the Southern Mongolians.

The Chinese government had further strengthened the colonial rule over the Southern Mongolians, dispatched a large number of troops, continued to arrange a large number of Han people migrated to Southern Mongolia, plundered the mineral resources of Southern Mongolia, discriminated against Mongolian national culture, and implemented a policy of ethnic assimilation.

In 1992, Hada founded the Southern Mongolian Democratic League and organized various protests. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison and 4 years of illegal detention. He is still under house arrest by now.

In 2011, the steppe hero Mergen protested against the damage to the environment caused by the transportation of minerals and was killed by Han drivers, which triggered a large-scale protest in Southern Mongolia. Overseas Mongolians also held marches in various countries which demanded severe punishment for the killers. But Southern Mongolians’ protests had been brutally suppressed by Chinese authorities.

The Chinese authorities have deprived herders of pastures under various pretexts, forcing herdsmen to relocate without compensation, which made herdsmen unable to survive. The herders were forced to protest and were detained by the authorities. They were tortured, disappeared, maimed, killed and placed under house arrest, depriving herdsmen of their employment and even their relatives.

At the end of 2017, a large-scale animal husbandry protest in Ar Horchin Banner was suppressed by Chinese police, 35 herders in Zaruud Banner were sentenced innocently, and Chinese authorities stopped teaching in Mongolian at Bayingol Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture School in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Afterwards, the Chinese authorities further strengthened the suppression of Southern Mongolians’ rights of protection activities according to law and banned all kinds of processions and rallies. Grassland activist leader YangjinDulma was under house arrest and police were monitoring her use of the phone and the Internet.

Chinese authorities have seriously violated the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Southern Mongolia. Although Southern Mongolians, overseas Southern Mongolians, and activists in support of Southern Mongolians have been protesting Chinese authorities’ genocide, colonial rule and racial discrimination against ethnic minorities, the situation has not improved at all and even become worse.

U.S. Congressmen are defenders of justice. All members of Southern Mongolian Congress hope that U.S. Congressmen will understand the persecution of Southern Mongolians and issue act such as Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act and Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act of 2019 in support of the Southern Mongolian Act to stop the Chinese government ’s anti-human atrocities against Southern Mongolians. We also hope that you will set up a lobby group for Southern Mongolians. for the sake of the freedom and rights of the Southern Mongolians, we are willing to cooperate with you.


Temchiltu shobchuud, chairman of Southern Mongolian Congress

Daichin olhunuud, secretary general of Southern Mongolian Congress Tokyo

December 6th,2019